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The American implantable medical devices market is loosely based on merges, with a few companies having a dominant position in this market, says Ken Londoner, executive chairman and founder of BioSig Technologies, Inc. As he points out, nowadays, making investments in emerging markets is a primary strategy adopted by most key players in the U.S. medical devices market, and those that were able to recognize the possibilities that lie ahead, will most likely profit from their ventures. In order to prove that their product is safe and effective, they also had to gather a panel of scientists that will demonstrate that.

BioSig Technologies, Inc. is an excellent example. In order to leverage the economic growth that is in progress, Ken Londoner as the company's leader, spoke about the emerging economies. Needless to say, before starting this undertaking and launching their product, the company performed extensive, in-depth market research in order to develop expertise, and gain practical knowledge of the nation’s needs, and only than introduce the perfect product appropriate for the current situation. By expanding the range of their products and operations, and investing in business diversification, key players are ensuring business growth. As part of his business expansion strategy, Londoner is focused on growth models such as mergers, acquisitions, and takeovers, which have proved great success in the U.S. medical devices market.

As Londoner points out on Equities.com, the U.S. medical devices market is primarily driven by factors like high rate of chronic diseases and ever increasing aging population. New high-technology based devices, especially those meant for conditions where pharmacological treatments have turned out to be inefficient and mostly unsuccessful, can be extremely helpful and beneficial for the ever increasing number of patients that suffer from degenerative diseases and conditions such as orthopedic ailments, deafness or blindness. The increased demand for medical devices regarding age-related conditions is mainly because of the continuous growth in our aging population, adds Londoner, which is in fact the group that mostly needs health care services. Growing healthcare expenditures and greater purchasing power are other contributing factors of the American medical devices market.