The Learning@CSU Vision

The Learning@CSU Web site, and in particular its Learning Studio, is our attempt to create an instructional writing environment -- a place where students and teachers can learn and create work on the Web -- that is similar to the best types of classrooms. We think learning is most effective when it is activity-based, rather than simply an act of memorization. In short, we think classrooms are most effective when they resemble something like an art studio.

In the same way that an art teacher can suggest that a student hold a brush in a different way -- and then see an immediate improvement in the student's painting -- other teachers can suggest strategies and techniques that can have an immediate impact on student learning. Our studies of writing classrooms, for example, have helped us see that students learn best when they can ask teachers and classmates for immediate feedback on their writing, when they can work on computers and access Web-based resources, and when they can have immediate access to information about how to write (whether that information comes in the form of quick tips from a teacher, detailed discussions with a teacher, a handy textbook, an online guide, a demonstration of how to do something, or some other form of instruction).

Learning@CSU is our attempt to capture some of the elements of a classroom that uses a studio approach. We hope that, as it develops, we'll be able to provide students with tools, advice, information, and feedback that will help them learn more effectively.

With this vision in mind, tbe Learning Studio builds on resources we've created on the Writing@CSU Web site ( since 1992.

Create an Account: If you would like to use the Learning Studio, or if you're a teacher who would like to use the Studio for your class, please create a password-protected account. (View our privacy statement.)

Contribute to the Studio: We're committed to sharing our work with as many students and teachers as possible. If you'd like to contribute to our efforts, please contact Mike Palmquist at or (970) 491-3132.