Help Pages: The ePortfolio Tool

Use the following links to learn about how to use the ePortfolio Tool.

Getting Started
Using the ePortfolio Tool: An Overview
Viewing Your ePortfolios
Creating a New ePortfolio
Creating an ePortfolio from an Instructor Template
Managing ePortfolios
Managing Your ePortfolios: An Overview
Updating Your ePortfolio
Publishing or Sharing an ePortfolio
Deleting an ePortfolio
Customizing ePortfolios
Customizing an ePortfolio: An Overview
Choosing Preset Themes and Page Layouts
Choosing a Color Scheme
Choosing a Font Scheme
Choosing a Banner Image
Managine Contact Info
Managing ePortfolio Files
Managing Files: An Overview
Adding a File
Viewing a File
Renaming, Displaying, or Deleting Files
Managing ePortfolio Pages
Managing Pages: An Overview
Creating a New ePortfolio Page
Displaying Existing Pages
Updating Pages
Adding a File to an ePortfolio Page
Removing a File from a Page
Linking to Another Page
Deleting a Page