JT 301 Business Communication

Jane Albritton

There are two types of presentations for each week: A video "Lecture" and an audio "Case Study".

Weekly Lecture


Case Studies

Week 1: Introduction
View  Video File (Time 8:20)
  Week 1 Case Study: Introducing Yourself
View  Audio File (Time 2:19)
Week 2: A Strategy for Writing
View  Video File (Time 12:24)
  Week 2 Case Study: What is it you want?
View  Audio File (Time 1:21)
Week 3: The First Principle of Communication
View  Video File (Time 10:34)
  Week 3 Case Study: Audience is Everything
View  Audio File (Time 1:42)

Week 4: Refer to Lesson 4 in RamCT for Library Video's
  Week 4 Case Study: A Topic of Your Own
View  Audio File (Time 1:12)
Week 5: The First Principle of Communication
View  Video File (Time 10:12)
  Week 5 Case Study: Parting is such sweet sorrow
View  Audio File (Time 1:04)
Week 6: Citing
View  Video File (Time 9:03)
  Week 6 Case Study: Creating a research resource list
View  Audio File (Time 2:10)
Week 7: The Proposal
View  Video File (Time 12:24)
  Week 7 Case Study: Critiquing proposals
View  Audio File (Time 2:10)
Week 8: Primary Research
View  Video File (Time 13:40)
  Week 8 Case Study: Creating questions for an inquiry letter
View  Audio File (Time 1:35)
Week 9: The Short Report
View  Video File (Time 10:07)
  Week 9 Case Study: The Incident Report
View  Audio File (Time 1:42)
Week 10: The Long Report
View  Video File (Time 14:03)
  Week 10 Case Study: Adding graphics to a Web site
View  Audio File (Time 1:02)
Week 11: Smoothing the Rough Draft
View  Video File (Time 12:01)
  Week 11 Case Study: Checking the draft against purpose and audience
View  Audio File (Time 1:02)
Week 12: Checking for Structural Strength
View  Video File (Time 12:18)
  Week 12 Case Study: To go with the flow
View  Audio File (Time 1:01)
Week 13: Presentation of Findings
View  Video File (Time 10:32)
  Week 13 Case Study: Presenting Your Findings
View  Audio File (Time 1:13)
Week 14: The Resume
View  Video File (Time 10:32)
  Week 14 Case Study: Picking the Right Résumé
View  Audio File (Time 1:13)
Week 15: The Final Lecture
View  Video File (Time 11:39)
  Week 15 Case Study: Instructive Instructions
View  Audio File (Time 1:34)